Thursday, June 16, 2011

Songs of The Day

Intro:  An intro should be a short ditty that sums up what you're about to hear, and make the listener want to continue on with the album - this achieves just that.  With a fat bass line, and killin keys, I was immediately intrigued and ready to start the rest of the album.

Conant Gardens:  I really love the simplicity to this beat, just simple drum and bass.  The samples that come in in the chorus are pretty funky as well.  Very subtle, but definitely heighten the feel.  I read the lyrics for this tune, and without them, I would not have and a single clue as to what they were saying.  None of the lines really knocked me out, but this feels like an introductory type of tune, which isn't really an excuse, but I won't sign em off just yet.

I Don't Know:  The James Brown sample in this song is a line said very often in my household, so I had a soft spot for this from the start.  I loved the chopped feel of this tune, especially with the James Brown cuts - they're very tastefully done.  The guitar sample is pretty awesome, and I love that it get's played out in the end.  "I don't know why the fuck I'm fuckin withchu" - how often has that been said?  So relatable.  Again, no serious stand out lines, but it's catchy and works well.

Jealousy:  Wrote about "Climax" instead of this yesterday... oops.  Again sweet beat, but I can't understand a single thing anyone is saying.

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