Thursday, June 16, 2011

Songs of The Day

Climax (Girl Shit):  [From yesterday] This is a pretty sweet beat.  I like the smooth, ethereal feel to it.  Unfortunately, it gets downgraded when the chick (unnamed) starts singing.  I am not a fan of her voice.  I guess it kind of works for the more alien like feel that gets added to the hook, but as a singer, I'm not a fan of her voice.  None of these songs have gotten to me lyrically, and I don't know how I feel about that... Good thing I'm in love with the beats.

Untitled/Fantastic:  This might be my favorite beat so far.  Very smooth, relaxed feel, with a heavy back beat.  There's some kind of sample in the beginning that I find pretty cool, but I can't make out exactly what it is.  Again, can't understand a single thing they're saying.  Even after I looked up the lyrics, I was still fairly confused.  My brother explained to me that their incomprehensiveness was a little bit of their shtick - their music is more about the beats.  And hey, I can't really hate on that, because I listen to the beats first and the lyrics second.

Fall In Love:  Mmmmm "Don't sell yourself to fall in love" - love it.  Pretty solid beat, lovin the smooth bass line on this one.  I feel like maybe I should just stop attempting to write about the lyrics unless something pops out at me (like the hook).... sounds good to me.  I can't say I don't like it though, because all of their tones, and the phonetics of their words work really well with the beat - it's musical. 

Get Dis Money:  I have actually heard this song before.  I don't remember why or where, but I remember it.  Catchy hook - who doesn't wanna get paper?  The "Come Run To Me" Herbie Hancock sample is pretty sweet, works well with the beat.  This is just super relaxed and makes me feel prepared to conquer the day.

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