Saturday, June 18, 2011

Songs of The Day

2u4u:  I really feel this beat, very cool.  The pitch modulation is what makes it for me, adds a cool flavor to it.  I wish the lyrics could add to that element of cool...  Really, how is it that nothing has stuck out for me lyrically?  Aren't rappers meant to be poets?

CB4:  Now this song by far has the funniest hook, "felatio interference, promiscuous homosapiens." BAHAHA!  I'm assuming the "CB" in the title stands for "cock block" seeing as that's the main subject of the lyrics.  Wonder what the 4 is for...  whatever, it's hilarious.  I like the beat (the guitar sample in particular), but I don't think it's anything super incredible, or on the same level as some of the other tunes on the album.

Go Ladies:  This beat has a cool, water-like type sound to it that I can get down with.  It's got a nice fluidity to it.  I don't really like how they sound on this track though, something about their voices isn't doin it for me on this track.  It'd help if I could understand an ounce of what they were talking about.  I actually wish the outro beat on this one would have been made into a full song, it's got a pretty sweet sound to it.  Decent way to end the album, but they could have done better.

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