Sunday, October 2, 2011

Songs of The Day

Land of Ladies:  This track is pretty sick.  I love how mellow the opening groove is, and it has such a great spacey feel to it.  Segway into the more upbeat "land of ladies" groove is smooth - I dig it - right back into the initial groove.  I'm glad it turned back around to this groove, because it was too good to just be an intro.  Nice pick up in the chorus, back to mellow in the verses.  The structure of this tune is pretty cool.  Dig the bossa beat on the clave - very cool.  Solid.

Dancin' and Prancin':  This is by far the bounciest, most upbeat tune on the album so far.  I dig the serious dance groove they've got going on here.  Super pick up in funkiness in the chorus with the horn addition.  The conversation going on in the back is actually pretty cool, but I do wish it were a little more subdued.  Makes me wanna boogie. 

The Devil:  Man, this is a funky way to take the album out, but I would have expected nothing less.  I love the scary vibe the tune has, which I'm guessing is the point seeing that the song is about the devil.  The bass and guitar are oh so funky on this track!  So tasty.  Dig the distant feel in the vocals - adds great color to the tune.  Pick up in the chorus is very cool.  I love all of the little random noises going on, they work well with the tune.  Super, super funky.

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