Thursday, May 19, 2011

Songs of The Day

... & On:  So this is pretty much "part 2" to Badu's "On & On" from her first album, Baduizm!, and I dig it.  It's the part one chopped and screwed to make a similar, but unique beat.  It's got a simple groove to it that I like, definitely helping the chill mood I'm trying to be in right now.  I think the breakdown into the jazz breakdown is pretty awesome, they transition really well into one another.  Cool.

Cleva:  I like that the previous track blends right into this groove - nice transition.  Nice, relaxed groove - I dig it.  I also can get down with Roy Ayers on the vibraphone.  It seems to be improved the whole time, which I find very cool - it adds a nice, spontaneous color to the tune.  Dig that its a solid groove throughout.  Solid.

Hey Sugah:  This is a simple little interlude.  It's got a nice jazz element that I like, and I can always dig me some jazz flute.  Pretty.

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