Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Songs of The Day

The World's a Masquerade:  The opening high pitch in the beginning is almost impossible to stand, but they bring it down just in time to not make you want to kill someone.  It's high.  I don't think it's very necessary, but whatever.  This is a pretty solid groove, but it's not my favorite.  Since I am more familiar with EWF's sound, I know that there are songs of theirs better than this.  It's just a little overdone.  I wish they were gettin down and funky instead of staying so mellow.  It's also a little long.

Clover:  I feel the same way about this groove as I do about the previous, which is disappointing.  Not to say that they don't sound good - they are most definitely holding this groove down - I just know that they have much better material out.  Verdine is seriously holding it down though.

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