Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Final Grade: A-

I sure have been on an A- kick as of late - definitely not mad about that!  There was no doubt that this album was gonna be all kinds of funky, seeing as I had already been aware of AWB's funk level, but damn these Scottish men are funky!  From top to bottom, this is an awesome album.  "Work to Do" is my favorite track, which is awesome seeing as that was the song that made my mom recommend this album. The live version of "Pick Up the Pieces" is also ridiculously funky.  I was unaware prior to listening to this album that vocals were a main component, because I had mostly been familiar with "Pick Up the Pieces," which is an instrumental tune, so vocals were a pleasant surprise.  Although, I would have liked maybe one more instrumental track to really show off dem horns.  Definitely recommend for all of you who like to boogie on down!

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