Saturday, March 23, 2013

Songs of the Day

Got tracks 5, 6 & 7 up today: "Tunnel Vision," "Spaceship Coupe," and "That Girl."  I'm not super crazy about "Tunnel Vision."  The beat is super dope, it has Timbaland written all over it, but I'm not really a fan of JT's vocals and lyrics on this one.  He sounds good on the prechorus, and chorus, but the verses kind of bug me.  I get the concept of "I got that tunnel vision for ya," but the rest of the lyrics don't really do anything for me.  The additions to the beat at the end of the tune is cool, but the track is too long for there not to be a B section like the previous tracks.  "Spaceship Coupe" is another track with a cool opening, that goes into a different beat, but the transition is much smoother on this one.  The beat on this is definitely dope, the super low bass goes hard.  I like JT much better vocally on this one, especially the "I love it when I hear you say... sing to me" - you can sing to me any time you like, baby.  There are some cool harmonies and vocal cuts that I dig.  Sex noises at the end...way to tease me, Justin.  That's not very fair.  The breakdown is pretty cool, wassup guitar solo.  I think the mellow part at the end goes on a little too long, but still a cool tune.  I think "That Girl" might be the best song musically on the album.  JT's backed by The Tennesse Kids, and they bring it.  Man, the horns on this one - so good.  Love the guitar part as well.  Great vocals on JT's part, and the harmonies on this one are on point, especially at the breakdown at the end.  Definitely a sexy, groovin tune - it's been on repeat!

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