Thursday, March 17, 2011

Songs of the Day

Numb:  Both of today's tracks are super chill - Portishead has yet to do me wrong.  This right here is a phat beat.  When it started out with an organ opening, I had a feeling something good was heading my way.  The drum beat has this reversed effect to it that I find, along with the alien-like synth sounds, gives an extraterrestrial groove to the track that I really dig.  Love that the organ comes in snippets throughout the beat, it ties everything together really nicely.  Beth sound dope.  Solid.

Roads:  This may be my favorite track on the record so far - it's the perfect kind of chill.  Love the echoed effects on the keys, helps the mellow, trippy vibe.  The addition of the strings and guitar is kind of perfect - they add an element that you didn't realize was necessary to the groove until they arrived.  The strings also provide a really great build to the tune, you can hear everything moving.  Love the breakdown.  Bottom line - track kicks ass

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