Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Songs of the Day

Strangers:  Man, I love the gritty opening on this track - super cool.  Not to mention the drop down to just guitar in the verse is kind of perfect.  But I love when the gritty beat comes back, it's just so edgy!  Cut to violin sample and you've added an ethereal touch to the song.  Beth yet again sounds really interesting, her tone really works for their music (but that's the point, isn't it?)  Dig the echo fade out, back into the groove for a couple measures at the end.  Really cool track!

It Could Be Sweet:  I am diggin the synth sounds on this track hardcore.  They add the perfect touch of je ne sais pas, but it really works.  The groove on this one is way more relaxed and mellow than the previous - it's nice to see that they can switch up their vibe.  Really dig the drum beat on this one, it definitely brings a hip-hop feel to it.  Keys part is neat.  Beth's voice has got a "prettier" tone to it on this one, like she's putting in a little more effort towards the quality of the sound, and it works for this track.  Again, solid track. 

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