Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Songs of the Day

Wandering Star:  This is a funky tune, and I don't mean that in terms of the genre itself, but the feel.  It's got a cool heavy bass/synth opening that stays throughout the tune and gets other elements added to it to make a really interesting beat.  You really get the "trip-hop" feel with this band, and I'm really diggin it.  Love the break with all the added sounds - real cool.  The core beat to this is really simple, but the way that it's set up, and with all of the different elements that come in, it's got a complex feel to it that I find really intriguing.  Love the organ break at the end - super fresh.  Cool tune.

It's a Fire:  This track starts out with a classical/church feel that almost seems out of place for the band, but then the drum beat drops and it all works out.  The orchestral bit they've got goin on is interesting too, I dig that they start out with it and then cut back to it every once and a while - it's a nice connecting point.  I actually dig the pretty element they've got going on with this song - it's something really different from any of their other songs, yet they still make it sound unique to them and work with the rest of the album.  Solid track.

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