Friday, March 18, 2011

Songs of the Day

Pedestal:  I think so far this is my least favorite song, but that's not really saying much.  I also don't know how long I'll feel that way, because each track grows on me more the more I listen to it.  This song just doesn't switch up as much as the other ones do, I'd started to become accustomed to that.  Regardless, this is still a very cool tune.  I really dig that the bass line uses harmonics (thanks Jaco) - that's not something you hear much in standard bass lines, so I was happy to hear that.  I'm a little indifferent about the effect on Beth's voice, but whatever.  Dig the break into the sax solo, adds a lil bit of the flavor I had been looking for.  Cool cut to Beth solo to end the track.

Biscuit:  Another solid track from Portishead.  I really dig how clean the keys sound in contrast to the muddled, dirty sound of the horns sample - very cool.  I like how the beat cuts in and out, adding and taking away different parts at random times - it adds an intriguing flare to the tune that I dig.  The track kind of has a "rainy" feel to it that I find interesting, maybe it's the scratchy, old school sound in the back.  Whatever, it's cool.  Cool slowed down vocal sample, it adds an eerie feel to the tune.  Dig the fade out.  Digdigdig.

Glory Box:  This is a great way to end this album.  The tune has a trippy, yet sexy feel to it that I really like.  It must be the Isaac Hayes (RIP) sample.  Again, Portishead manages to bring together sounds that would normally not belong together, yet they sound perfect on the track.  I love the initial wawa guitar with the strings, into the heavy rock guitar feel - very cool.  It's like the song was all pretty with the strings and echoing guitar, and then the rock feel comes in and all of a sudden the song is gritty and sexy.  Totally my kind of vibe.  Sexy guitar solo.  Really dig when the organ comes in, it's just another addition to the gritty/sexy feel.  Really awesome track, highly recommend.

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