Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Songs of The Day

I dig both of today's songs, but they don't even hold a candle to yesterdays.  They both kind of sound like fillers made to give the band a chance to show off everyone's talents with excessive solos.  At least they're really, really awesome solos!

Kron Dutch:  This track definitely has a solid groove throughout, but I find it a little bland at times.  It's the same practically the whole time, and with such talented people, I wish they'd gone someplace new and different.  I wrote "generic" in my notes.  I of course mean that in the most talented sense of the word, because these guys obviously are not the standard "generic" the American populous is used to.  Awesome sax and guitar solos - these guys really know their licks!  I just wish the track was more in-your-face like the previous ones.

Reunion:  This has the same kind of flow as "Kron Dutch" and therefore makes perfect sense that they would flow right into one another.  But I have a lot of the same criticism for this track as I do for the previous - not in-your-face enough.  I think the progression is cool, but I could've gone for a lil something more.  Sax solo is killin.  Hits are on point.  Overall solid, but it ain't no "Break Out"

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