Monday, March 28, 2011

Songs of The Day

Intro:  And so the funk begins!  This intro build-up sounds pretty Rock-esque in the beginning, I found that pretty funny, but that ended once the horns came in.  Lettuce definitely grabs your attention with this, and that's what you really want to do with an intro, especially in live situations like this.  Solid.

Nyack:  I really like that there's a continuous flow between the intro and this track.  They'd left the audience hungry and just went right into the next course.  Adam is really killin it on this drum solo intro - very, very cool.  Love the ride bell hits.  You can't help but move when you've got a tempo like this, all up beat and wonderful.  Towards the beginning, there's a section when Neal is layin it down on the keys, right hand is holding down some funky high shit, and the left hands coming in on the hits - awesome.  The sax solo is killin, I especially like that it's only accompanied by the drums and the sporadic guitar comp.  Start with a drum solo, guess you gotta end with one too - yet again, Adam kiiiiiills it.  Insanity.  So good.

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