Monday, April 4, 2011

Songs of The Day

Compared to What:  Funny, this is the second time I'm reviewing this track (the first being on Week 2: Roots & John Legend Wake Up!) and it's still awesome!  This is a much more mellow groove than that on Wake Up!, but it still conveys the message with the same kind of heart.  I love the hardness of the horn hits, they're a sharp contrast against the smooth, softer background.  They really pop.  The words Roberta emphasizes are very interesting - really love her phrasing.  Love the bass line towards the end, they really play around with it - I dig.  Pretty awesome track.

Angelitos Negros:  The beginning of this track is pretty awesome.  The upright is playing a Spanish feel you would normally only expect to hear on guitar - or at least that's the only setting I tend to hear that style in.  I really dig it, the lowness of the bass gives it this whole new element of sorrow.  It's a song that pretty much asks the question as to why there are no paintings of black angels - all angels are beautiful.  Roberta really sings this beautiful, it's quite mesmerizing.  Really wonderful tone all around.  Beautiful song.

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