Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Songs of the Day

Binky:  This is a pretty sick tune, but I knew it would be once it started off on that sweet latin groove.  Love the 6/8 feel - very groovy.  Love the parallel guitar/bass line - gives it really great weight.  This has a nice, subdued funk feel to it that I really dig - keeps you listening, keeps you groovin.  The bring down towards the end is really great too - it brings a great switch to the feel that's mellow, but still lets you know they're funky.  And then to bring it up into a whole new funk feel - gave me a stank face!  Max on that bass, man...just so funky.  Those horns are mighty nice as well - nice n simple.  I really like what a switch up of feels they've got going on here between the A, B, and C sections - shows you a nice variety of their sound.  They performed this at the show I just saw, and it was so fucking good.  I definitely get down with this one - my favorite so far.

Mr. Montauk:  Dig the upbeat feel to this one - gets you movin.  This has got a cool 70s/80s fusion feel to it that makes me happy, simply because it's nice to hear it's still around.  Love the horn line - super fresh.  Man, the B section on this is sweet - love how mellow it is contrasted by the grit of the electric violin.  Having an electric violin is fucking awesome - rockin out like nobody's business!  These contrasting A/B sections they keep on with remind me of Herbie, and that is oh so lovely.  Love the build up, but I must say that I'm not as into the final groove as I am with the rest of the song.  Still good though.

Like A Light:  I can understand the title behind this track, because it is most certainly light.  That's probably much thanks to the super smooth horn line going on - definitely dig it.  I really love the latin backbeat going on here, it makes me wanna samba...or be on a beach with a drink...or both.  Yeah, definitely beachy.  The chords in the beginning and ending motif are very cool - I like the dissonance in them.  This track belongs to drums for me, and I like it.

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