Thursday, March 22, 2012

Songs of the Day

Young Stuff:  I dig the mysterious vibe this track starts out with - I feel like I'm in a black and white detective movie.  The horn part is super slick, and smooth and adds a great texture to the groove.  Love the steady backbeat on the drums.  Super mellow, I dig it.  Segway into the B section with the organ solo is pretty sweet, I like the emphasis on every beat by the guitar.  Nice build up into the horn entrance - very cool.  Love the bring down into the super smooth, sultry C section - sounds like love makin.  Max is gettin super sexy on that bass during this - I definitely dig it.  Solid build to the end.  I get down with this number.

Quarter Master:  Nice upbeat, latin tempo to this one (they seem to seriously dig the latin vibe on this album).  Love Max's starting bass line - nice n funky.  Horns may be my favorite part of any band, and I love that they do it right.  This groove is latin, and funky, and bluesy, and saloon-y, and jazzy - very cool blend.  It essentially turns into New Orleans jazz, and I get down with that.  I like that there's not too much switch up in this song.  Love the solo horns at the end.  I don't think I would have ended on this track, but it's definitely a solid tune.

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