Thursday, February 7, 2013

Songs of the Day

Today, we've got tracks 4 & 5, "Radio," and "Georgia."  Today's couple of tunes are very, very sweet.  They've both got this softness, surrounded by subtle instrumentation - I really dig them.  They both need to be on a soundtrack to a romantic movie.  I love the hook to "Radio" - "if I had one request after I'm gone, I'd ask my creator to turn the radio on." Such a sweet love song to music.  Emily's tone works so well on these soft tunes, it's quite lovely.  I love the guitar tone in the background as well.  Short and sweet.  "Georgia" has got the same kind of feel going on, makin me all sad that I'm single n shit, but that's besides the point.  I really dig the simplicity of the percussion on this, it really keeps everything together with so little.  The strings throughout this whole EP are really beautiful, and I like how tasteful they are - they're the perfect little something.  Really sweet number.  These two tunes are giving me a sweet tooth, and I love it.

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