Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Songs of the Day

Today, I'm reviewing the first three tracks off the EP (essentially the first half): "Down," "No More Room," and "Ever After."  I must say, "Down" is damn near perfect, I fucking love this song.  From the a cappella intro, to the simple beat, to her voice, to her lyrics - it's all great.  Two friends falling in and out of love is no original topic, but she writes and sings about it in a very fresh way that really captures the moment.  There are a lot of little things going on in the beat, but they never clash, and are all very subtle.  The bridge is very sweet as well.  A cappella outro to tie it all together.  This song is just overall sweet...sweet, and lovely.  "No More Room" is a great follow up (I already made the hook my fb status for the day).  There are way too many people/emotions I no longer have room for in my life, so I definitely feel this tune.  Loooove the string sforzando in the beginning.  The verses have a nice, subtle build to them that I really like, leaving Emily front and center.  "Loneliness it's time that I let you go" is exactly how I've been feeling, so this tune fits right into my life.  Damn girl, just tuggin at my heart strings n shit.  Love the background vocals.  The breakdown is great, love the simplicity to it with the guitar build up.  This fucking song...fuck.  "Ever After" is an awesome tune as well, but probably my least favorite of the day.  I don't feel too bad about that seeing as it's the only tune on the album that Emily didn't write.  My only serious critique of it is that I feel like her vocals are too low in the chorus, when I really wish they'd punch like the rest of the instrumentation.  I dig that this tune has a more upbeat feel than the last two, it's a nice pick me up.  The rock undertone is cool as well, and her soft voice works surprisingly well with it.  Solid background vocals, but that's no surprise at this point.  Beat is on point.  Man, I love this lady's voice.

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