Sunday, February 3, 2013

Songs of the Day

So, we've got the final four tracks off the album today: "Crosshairs," "Mince Meat," "Vats of Urine," "Space Ghost," and "Bada Bing." "Crosshairs" is a pretty sweet beat with some funky guitar and violin parts.  I can't really understand what MF Doom is saying though - he gets kind of lost in the beat.  I dig it, not my favorite track though.  I think "Mince Meat" might be one my favorites off the album.  The beat is way on point, and MF Doom's flow goes really well on top of it.  It's got an alien feel that I dig.  How can you not like "Vats of Urine" when it opens and closes with the aliens from ATHF?  That's probably my favorite part.  This beat actually contains a horn line that I'm not really into, and that's disappointing.  Okay track.  "Space Hoes" is the most popular track off of this album, and I can see why - it's pretty dope, and definitely the most commercial.  Dig the whistle in the beat.  Space Ghost has a nice cameo, I get down with it.  I must say, I think they could've gone out with a better track than "Bada Bing."  I'm distracted by the beat, and it just doesn't hit me the way I want it to.  Although, the beat does go hard, and I can appreciate it, but it's a all a little too much.  Master Shake's final voicemail was a good way to take it out, but the rap from Meatwad was the best way.

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