Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Songs of the Day

Salute by Domo Genesis:  Must say, can't say that I'm all that impressed with today's songs.  This one in particular - I dig the beat, but something about Domo's tone doesn't work for me.  I think he has a good flow, but there was nothing in particular that stood out to me, unlike the previous tracks.  It's a decent track, but there's no "wow" factor to it.

Everything That's Yours by Mike G:  I feel the same way about Mike G that a do about Domo.  Decent flow, but nothing special to it.  This is one of the longest songs and I didn't write down a single line in my notes that I thought stood out.  I really like the beat though, my kind of sample (didn't Wiz use this on K&O?)  But aside from that, I'm not feelin the swag all that much. 

Blade by Earl Sweatshirt:  Now Earl, I do not feel the same way about him - he's sick.  The whole first school section of this track is pretty awesome.  I really like his lyricism - he weaves everything together pretty seamlessly.  I don't get why this track is so short and "Everything That's Yours" was so long, definitely shoulda been the other way around.  Solid.

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