Thursday, March 24, 2011

Songs of the Day

Double Cheeseburger by Domo Genesis & Wolf Haley:  Well, this is an improvement from yesterday.  Domo proved to me that he does, in fact, have swag - congrats.  I wish this had been my introduction instead of "Salute."  But I must say that I was mainly focused on Wolf Haley on this track.  He's got a similar style to Tyler, the Creator, which I definitely dig.  His flow is really on point, really smooth transitions.  "That's why I traded R. Kelly my sister for a new hit" - woo!  So terrible, yet so, so awesome.  Solid.

Round and Round by Hodgy Beats, Jasper & Mike G:  This is the most commercial sounding song so far, and it's not in a bad way.  The beat is very much aimed towards the ladies, along with the lyrical content.  But are they talking about fat chicks the whole time?  Feeding a lady seems to be the main subject... well hey, big girls need love too.  I think my favorite part about this song is the beat, it distracts me from the fact that there's nothing particularly spectacular about the rhymes.

Ugly Girls:  This is just an interlude, and there isn't much to say about it aside from it's silly content.  Glad OFWGKTA thinks about all the ladies :)

Orange Juice by Earl Sweatshirt & Wolf Haley:  Along with Tyler, the Creator, these guys are my favorite rappers.  Dirty flow, older tone.  Maybe that's what I don't like about the others - you can hear their age in their voice.  Wolf kinda takes over on this track, and it really can only be explained with a listen, so.... do that.

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  1. Just thought I'd throw it out there that Wolf Haley and Tyler, The Creator are the same person. :P