Friday, March 25, 2011

Songs of the Day

Cool by Earl Sweatshirt & Mike G:  This again is a group of songs that really didn't do much for me.  This song's got a decent club beat, but I didn't think that either of these guys said anything that made me go "whoa."  Disappointing coming from Earl Sweatshirt, he'd had such a good rep til now!  Mike G was already pretty decent, steppin his game up a lil.  Decent.

Oblivion by Tyler, the Creator:  This is definitely the best song of the day, but it's not my favorite from Tyler, the Creator.  There's a lil too much rape imagery goin on in the beginning, which isn't exactly my taste.  Granted, this is just his persona, but still, I'm not tryna have that all up in my ears.  "I've ejaculated enough semen to sink a boat" hahahaha!  Not a new word play, but still creative.  I like how the beat on this one ("I Promise I Lied" by James Pants) and the way it evolves at the end.  Good.

Alright by Hodgy Beats:  Dig the"Kill Bill Vol. I" sample in the beginning!  Aside from that, and the cool beat, this song is lyrically kind of forgettable.  Maybe it's its short length, but I didn't find any lines particularly intriguing or exciting.  Eh.

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