Saturday, March 26, 2011

Songs of the Day

Leather Head by Wolf Haley:  I find the beat to this track really interesting.  It's all trippy n shit... awesome.  But it's kind of unfortunate, beacuse the beat is pretty overbearing on this one - I can barely hear anything Wolf is saying.  What I do catch sounds pretty dope though, so I would call this a solid song.

Up by Tyler, the Creator, Domo Genesis & Hodgy Beats:  This song uses one of my favorite beats ("Up" by Wiz Khalifa), so I already have a kind of bias towards it.  Regardless, it's overall a pretty good drug song.  I feel like it's pretty uncommon to hear about ecstasy, coke and shrooms in  rap songs (especially with such young rappers...), but I found that they did it in an intriguing way for the most part.  I don't like the remix they did to the beat in the middle, it's weird and low grade.  That's kind of where the song kind of goes downhill.  Not to say that it gets bad, but it just gets strange lyrically.  Hmmm... Solid song up til 3:43.

Swag Me Out:  OFWGKTA appropriately ended their mixtape with a collective song.  It's kind of catchy, but it's also kind of obnoxious.  It sounds like this is, for the most part, freestyle, but regardless, it's just kind of weird.  Too much rape shit again, not necessary.  The "oh"s also start to get irritating after the first verse.  Understandable ending to the mixtape, but not exactly the best.

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