Sunday, April 10, 2011

Songs of The Day

Tryin Times:  The groove to this actually reminds me a lot of the groove on "Compared to What" - they have a similar simple tone to them that I like.  I dig that it's only drums, bass, and keys on it - it makes for a very clean feel to the tune.  Roberta sings everything with such ease, that it makes you forget that a lot of the stuff that she sings is actually fairly difficult, which is something I find lacking in the industry today - ease. 

Ballad of the Sad Young Man:  I like the opening on this track because it reminds me of a hymn.  Oh choir, how I miss you so.  Great choice to have the first verse be solo Roberta and piano.  This is probably the perfect way to end this album, because the somber tone of it really sums everything up.  I kinda wanna cry listening to this... man, and I was in a good mood and everything.  You know a track is good when it effects the emotions.  Solid.

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