Monday, April 11, 2011

Songs of The Day

Blue Orchid:  Oooh, I like this!  I dig the heaviness of this groove.  The guitar part is funky, and I love the Meg comin in with the bass drum on the downbeat - great emphasis.  Jack's voice is really interesting, but I must say, I kind of zone out of it because I'm focusing on the groove so much (that's fairly common though).  I think the arrangement of this is really good.  They know when to just have bass drum, when to have the full kit, when the guitar to come in or not.  I'm all about the abrupt ending.  Good shit.

The Nurse:  I find this track really cool - the juxtaposition is pretty awesome.  The song starts out with marimba, which gives a very "cute," happy tone to the song, but then there comes in the occasional heavy guitar chord that sounds so angry.  I find that very, very cool.  There's a lot of randomness that goes towards the middle and continuing to the end, but it all works really well.  Really cool.

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