Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Songs of The Day

My Doorbell:  This is a cute tune - me gusta.  The feel has kind of a "jolly" feel to it, which is mainly thanks to all the major chords on the piano.  I dig the acoustic sound going on here.  The bass is electric,  but it has a gritty sound to it that works with the openness of the piano.  Simple groove throughout, it just makes you sway.  I like that it sounds like Meg is wailin at the end, but she's turned down so it has a nice subdued feeling that doesn't overpower the song.  Nice track.

Forever for Her (Is Over for Me):  This tune is pretty interesting.  Not the sound that I would expect from them, but I like it.  Another song with marimba - awesome.  I like all of the unison going on, it makes for a simple groove that's not being clustered by craziness.  I think it goes on a tad too long, but just a tad.  Diggin the marimba solo at the end - go Jack!  It's not my favorite song, but I still enjoy it and find it cool, I can get down with it.

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