Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Songs of The Day

The Denial Twist:  Neither of today's songs really impressed me, but that's probably because I wasn't very surprised by them.  This track has the same saloon-type feel that a couple of the previous have had.  Granted, I'm only half way through the album, but while I do like the sound, it's getting a little repetitive.  However, I am a fan of the hits.  I do like this song overall, it's just not doing anything to seriously capture my attention.

White Moon:  This is the slowest on the album so far, which is a nice change, but the song is kind of bland in my opinion.  I appreciate the simplicity, I just wish there was more going on.  I do like the movement that goes on though, all the hits in the buildup and what not.  The piano part is very pretty as well, I like it.  Good, but I'm not going crazy over it.

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