Friday, April 15, 2011

Songs of The Day

Instinct Blues:  When I first started listening to this, I was like "uhhh, diggin the hard blues feel!" and then I noticed the name of the track and I felt like an idiot.  The groove on this is pretty tight.  I dig how it starts really low and builds up within the verse - it's all about the dynamics on this one.  It's got the perfect amount of rock too, it's in now way overbearing.  Awesome hits.  Shit's got me rockin.  Solid.

Passive Manipulation:  Oh hey Meg White, you sing....kinda?  This track is really just an interlude, but an interesting one at that seeing as the vocals are all Meg.  You can see why Jack does all the singing.  But I think her out-of-tune-ness actually adds a sweet appeal to the track.  It also wouldn't make much sense lyrically for Jack to sing this, but then again John Mayer had "Daughters," so...

Take, Take, Take:  First thing I like about this - that the vocals come in from the very beginning.  That kind of anticipation is really cool to me (when used appropriately).  This track has some interesting play with meter that I dig.  I like the steadier backbeat that comes out in the drums and comped guitar chords towards the end - it adds a nice fullness to the song as a whole.  Dig the simplicity of the sound, whilst remaining interesting.  Cool abrupt ending.  Good track.

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