Sunday, April 24, 2011

Songs of The Day

Everything Must Go:  The string part to this kind of sounds like a phone company commercial.  Seriously, that's all I could think of.  Fortunately, the groove gets groovier when the rest of the instrumentation comes in.  I like it, but I find the groove a little cluttered - just a tad - and a tad corny.  The fiddle at the end doesn't really do anything for me, and it almost seems useless seeing as it's only in the song for about 20 seconds.  Done better.

Laughing At Your Plans (ft Chante Chan):  I feel the same way about this groove that I do about the last.  It's like they're going for this weird country undertone that's not really working.  This track is catchier than the last, I find myself bopping a little more.  I dig Chante, she kind sounds like Corinne Bailey Rae, and she adds a nice little touch to the song.  It's a sweet track, but it's a tad corny/too up for what I've been feeling with the rest of the album/their sound in general.

This City Ain't The Same Without You (ft. YahZarah):  At first, I wasn't really into YahZarah's voice, but when the harmonies came to back her up, I got into it.  But, ayo Phonte - where you at??  I mean, I like her voice, but I wasn't lookin for a solo song.  I also don't really know why you would want to end your album with someone else's voice.  The groove is sweet, very 90s R&B ballad.  Decent, but they could've gone out on a higher note.

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