Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Songs of The Day

Unluck:  Ok, I'm impressed.  This track is amazing.  I really like how minimal the lyrics are on this track, yet he expands them to mean so much (that occurs on a couple tracks of his).  The beat on this is super sick - I love all of the different feels it has.  And these harmonies - oh so nice!  My friends were telling me that he studied classical music, and it definitely comes across in his own.  He plays everything on every track, very impressive.  Really awesome start to the album.

The Wilhelm Scream:  Love the steady, slow groove on this one.  James voice is so, so soulful on this track - it's almost as if it's melting in my ears.  This track is also fairly limited lyrically, but it works really well with the song.  The layers that are produced on this track are insanely awesome.  They all add their own feel that creates one big compilation of amazing sounds.  I dig the juxtipostion of his smooth voice and the rigidness of the synth - very cool.  Cool dark build-up, which leads into a lighter ending.  Dig the ending bring down.  Awesome.

I Never Learnt To Share:  This. track. is. amazing.  The only lyrics are "my brother and my don't speak to me, but I don't blame them" repeated over and over, adding a new layer of harmony.  The harmonies he comes up with are incredible - this is definitely where you hear a lot of his classical training coming out.  Love the sound of the keys, especially since they've got the electric piano sound while playing classical - very cool.  The slow beat that drops is sexy, thanks a lot to the keys and bass that comes in.  It has interesting movement from sexy to classical, which is definitely not a common mash-up.  How he made these intricate vocal harmonies work with all the crazy stuff going on instrumentally is beyond.  The build-up on this one is fucking ridiculous.  Such a fat beat that drops - seriously, seriously dirty.  Love that it is brought down at the end to classical.  So. fucking. good.

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