Friday, April 29, 2011

Songs of The Day

Give Me My Month:  What I'm liking about all of these songs is that they all are very unique, yet all come together so well.  This track is a simple piano/vocal ballad, and it's really sweet.  James has a really lovely voice, and you can hear the emotion in it.  It kind of reminds me of someone, but I can't put a finger on who.  He's very choppy with his piano playing, which I like - it adds a little element of his corkiness to it.  Short tune, but very sweet, really well played.

To Care (Like You):  This track has a much darker feel to it than the previous, but it works perfectly as a follow-up.  Dig the beat that drops, those 32nd hits are killin me!  I like how simple it is as a big picture, but when you really get into it, you find all of the different layers that James has managed to pile up.  The minimalist approach is takes at the end is really interesting, and adds a nice slow flavor to the end of the tune.  I find it cool that his breath is auto-tuned, maybe that's just 'cause I'm weird.  Anyway, really cool track to just listen and zone out to.

Why Don't You Call Me?:  I almost feel as though this is a combination of the previous two tracks, and guess what - I dig it.  It's a piano ballad, with all this extra chopped-n-screwed-ness to it that sounds pretty cool.  At times, it's a tad too choppy, but that's just me trying to be extra critical and find something I don't like about this album (it's becoming difficult).  There's a wind-sounding synth thing going on in the back that me gusta mucho.  So good.

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