Monday, May 2, 2011

Final Grade: A

Second A of this mission!  I guess the British just know what's good?  This album kind of blows my mind a little bit.  It's been on heavy, heavy repeat all week.  "The Wihelm Scream" is probably my favorite track on the album - it's a little too mesmorizing for it's own good.  And followed by "I Never Learnt to Share" - too much amazing to handle.  I climbed a tree to this the other day, and it rocked my fucking socks.  There are too many parts in this album that just make me go "ugh!" and that is my favorite reaction to everything.  James' soulfulness is so heartfelt, and it really shows in his voice and in his playing.  His grooves actually take you places, which isn't something you can say about very many artists/albums.  This is exactly the kind of electronic I like, it's so tasteful.  I will most likely end up burning this onto a CD, putting it in my car, and bumping it all summer.  I'm obsessed.

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