Monday, May 2, 2011

Songs of The Day

I Mind:  First of all, this piano groove is straight "Everything In It's Right Place" by Radiohead - definitely dig that considering it's one of my favorite tunes of theirs.  The only lyric in this song is "I mind" chopped and screwed a bunch of different ways.  I really dig it, the different places James ventures into are really cool.  He goes from dark, to ethereal, to almost an African type feel, then slowed down to a mellow hip ho groove - very cool.  Really dig this track.

Measurements:  This is very much a gospel tune, and this boy has got some soul.  It's interesting to hear gospel with this electronic feel backing it, I wouldn't think that I would like it, but James does it very tastefully.  The harmonies on this are really beautiful, but that's no surprise seeing as James has proved himself to be a master at those.  Especially towards the ends, when it's a cappella, and the harmonies are just rich and full.  Beautiful, beautiful track.

Tep and the Logic:  The final track to this awesome album is simply a groove.  There's a little sample of James' voice, but that's the only vocal on the track.  By only having the groove the focus on, it gives the listener a final idea of James' production aesthetic, which is has proven to be amazing.  Very cool ending track to a really amazing album.

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