Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Songs of The Day

Wouldn't It Be Nice:  Due to the mass popularity of this song, I'm not going to say much about it.  I will say that I never really noticed how cool the bridge section of this song is - dig the chord progression.  That is all.

You Still Believe In Me:  This tunes got the typical "Beach Boys" sound that I would expect, but guess what - I dig it.  They've got such a sweet tone to them, not to mention their harmonies are pretty on point.  That little chime on 2 is kind of hilarious.  And a bike bell?  Even better.  Awesome ending harmonies, dig the choral sound.  Pretty sweet tune.

That's Not Me:  I like that there is a such a smooth melody over this fast-pace groove.  Very cool chord movement and structure.  Awesome harmonies (damn, they are nailin em).  Chilled out part is necessary and it works really well with the tune.  I'm liking that these tunes are short and sweet - nice lil tastes.  Nothing super special in my opinion, but it's got a sweet quality that I like.

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