Saturday, May 7, 2011

Songs of The Day

Due to the limited amount of brain cells finals week has left me with, the songs of the day are gonna be short and sweet.

Sloop John B:  Definitely have heard this before.  Like the instrumental, vocals are a tad corny (minus a couple sweet harmonies).  Dig the a cappella spot in the middle/end - think it would've been cooler to end there than fade out.

God Only Knows:  If you've never heard this song, then you're a 'tard.  It's awesome.  Harmonies - yes. 

I Know There's an Answer:  Dig the groove, but at times it overshadows the vocals.  Kind of passed by without me even noticing... 

Here Today:  I dig this groove, it's got a little darker/more interesting vibe to it.  This tune reminds me of Chester French - they obviously have some Beach Boys in their background.  The "ah"s are a tad annoying, but that just might be the melted brain talking.

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