Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Songs of The Day

Up From The South:  What a killin opening track!  I have a feeling I'm gonna like these guys...  Everyone is really gettin down, especially the horns, and you know what - I'm gettin down with them!  Love this afro-beat groove, just makes me wanna dance.  They were in Boston on Saturday while I was in NYC and now I'm mad I missed them.  I don't really know what else to say, because you should just listen to it.

T.I.B.W.F.:  Nice lil slow down from the previous tracks.  Really diggin the organ and horns on this one.  Great hits.  Everything is just very tasteful, and not congested at all.  At 2:41, it's on the shorter side, but it works - it's a nice segway into the upbeat feel of the next song.  Awesome.

Budos Theme:  It's unfortunate that I'm not listening to this in some dirty basement getting down right now, because that's all this music makes me want to do.  Dig the breaks going on in this one.  I dig the kind of "old" sounding effect they lay overtop everything - it gives it a cool feel.  Solid.

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