Thursday, May 12, 2011

Songs of The Day

Ghost Walk:  This groove has got a much more mellow feel to it, and I dig it.  It kind of sounds like the background music to a 70s blaxploitation film (somebody's definitely jive walkin down the street...) - funky.  I like that the groove remains steady for this relatively short (2:13) song - they're so in pocket that they it would have been unnecessary to switch things up.  Solid.

Monkey See, Monkey Do:  I'm diggin the latin feel to this groove - very cool.  The percussion and horn parts work really well together.  Horn section is on point - love it!  I'm really tryna go out and dance now, this music deserves more than me chillin on a couch - it needs a dancefloor, and lots and lots of sweat.  The horn call-and-response section is pretty cool, really dig the lower end of the horns.  Definitely a cool groove.

Sing A Simple Song:  Oh, so we're gettin funky now, huh?  Yea, I can get down with that.  Organ, how I love you.  I really like that all of their grooves are relatively steady.  Like I said before, they're all so in the pocket that it's unnecessary to really switch things up.  The occasional surprise would be nice, but I'm definitely not hating.  Again, solid, solid horns.  Percussion is on point.  Yes.

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