Saturday, May 14, 2011

Songs of The Day

Eastbound:  Before the horns come in, this groove kind of reminds me of a spy movie intro, and I dig it.  Dig the simplicity of the wawa.  The horns are seriously on point - they add to the awesome latin groove the rhythm section has going on.  Awesome flute solo.  The overall groove to this is just so funky, definitely can get down to this on a regular basis.

Aynotchesh Yererfu:  The guitar and bass riff on this is extra funky - great choice to start out solo just the two of them.  I love the call-and-response going on between the organ and the horns -it's got a nice color to it.  The hook (or at least, what I am assuming it to be) sounds pretty familiar.  I looked into it to see if this was a cover, but it's not.  Maybe a movie or commercial of sorts?  Whatever, it's tasty.  This all sounds like it makes for great cruisin music... who's down for an L ride?  Solid ending.  Extra groovy, extra funky - I dig it.

King Charles:  This groove is much more mellow than the last couple preceding it, and I dig it - nice lil switch up.  Really solid feel on this one, definitely gets you movin.  I dig all the lil talking elements they've got going on in here - it's different than their other things, and actually sounds pretty cool with on this song.  This track sounds more like a jam than some of the previous ones, but I like that aspect.  Adds an intimacy to it.  Awesome horns, but there's no surprise there.  Sick solos all on parts.  Dig the fade out.  Solid.

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