Friday, May 27, 2011

Songs of The Day

Another Day To Run:  This is a pretty solid groove, not my favorite of the album thus far, but still good.  I like how Bill is able to add nice funk elements (like wawa) into his soul style, it's a nice balance.  This groove switches up a lot more than the previous, and I dig it.  It's got a cool pick up to it.  Towards the end it just sounds like they're groovin, and I'm groovin right there with them.  Nice vocal doubling, gives a nice boost.  Solid.

I Don't Want You On My Mind:  What an odd sounding minor guitar groove on this track... I'm intrigued.  It works for the title of the tune, because it's almost so dissonant that I don't want it on my mind, but it works.  I'm so confused!  Love it.  Cool blues feel - it's gritty, it's grimy, and it really sends a message based on groove alone.  Bill is angry, and I like it.  Mad cool.

Take It All In And Check It All Out:  This kind of sounds like a blend of the previous two grooves, which isn't a bad thing, but it almost sounds as though I've heard it before (which I have, but you get what I'm sayin).  Granted, that's something to expect with artists - they tend to use similar grooves, keys, meters, etc, because it's what they're comfortable with.  Bill knows what he's doin, so I'm not gonna hate.  This is a rather short song for an ending piece though (the two tracks proceeding this are live takes of "Lonely Town, Lonely Street" and "Let Me In Your Life"), which throws me off a bit.  Kind of a low note to end on after some really great tunes, but it's still good.

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