Sunday, May 22, 2011

Songs of The Day

Booty:  This is a solid groove.  I really dig the hits going on, especially with the horns - it gives the tune a funk element that the others don't have.  I also really like how simple the melody is, it really lets the groove shine.  The only thing I would add is a bigger build-up, it's all a tad too consistent, but aside from that this is a super solid track.

Kiss Me On My Neck (hesi): ...which blends seamlessly into this track - very cool.  Another simple groove that's got a good feel to it.  Dig the return of the flute.  Something's a little different about Erykah's tone on this track, and I dig it - it's got a cool gritty feel to it.  Also, the context of this tune is on point - PREACH.  Cool African-like percussion towards the end, followed by the cool jam.  Like "Booty," I think the song is a little too long for the groove to not really switch up at all.  Cool track, regardless.

A.D. 2000:  Oooh yay, a ballad!  I dig it!  Such a sweet acoustic guitar/vocal opening - it really set the tone for the track.  I love when everything else comes in though, it's the right touch.  I really dig the keys sound, it gives the track a cool feel.  Nice pick up in the second verse and in the bridge.  I dig the sensuality to this song, it's sexy without being too much.  Very cool.  Like that it returns to the original guitar/vocal opening in the end, it was a good way to bring the song full circle.

Orange Moon:  Another ballad, I think this track is very pretty, but I don't know how I feel about it being directly after "A.D. 2000."  In the original track listing, these two tracks were pretty much on opposite ends of the album, this track originally proceeded "Penitentiary Philosophy" and I think it should have stayed that way.  Especially considering the length of this track, it just seems a bit much to put these two ballads back to back.  That being said, I do really like this track.  It's got a very simple groove, and Erykah really sells the feeling of this one.  I also dig the jazz vibe that's going on here - very sweet.  Good track, but I probably would have liked it better had it been giving me release from something uptempo.

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