Monday, May 23, 2011

Songs of The Day

In Love With You:  This song features none other than Stephen Marley, son of the legend, and I really like what he brings to the table.  He sounds so much like his father, it's ridiculous!  Him and Erykah's voices go together really well, and his raspy tone adds a nice color to the tune.  I dig how simple the guitar part is, and it's contrasted by a pretty funky bass line (but what else would you expect from Pino?)  Love the ending scat jam, you can really hear them letting it all out.  Beautiful.

Bag Lady:  This is the most popular/successful single off of this album, and understandably so.  I actually like "Didn't Cha Know" better as a single, but this is still an awesome song.  Most would recognize the guitar sample from Dr. Dre's "Xxplosive" (1991), but it's actually a sped up/higher sample of "Bumpy's Lament" by Soul Mann & The Brothers (1971).  It works - it's just too funky.  Really like the keys part, I wish it were more present (it's almost nonexistent without headphones).  Dig the pick up (nice to hear one).  Solid harmonies.  Love em!  Cool tune.

Time's A Wastin:  I haven't quite decided, but I think that this might be my favorite track on the album.  If not the, it's definitely in the top 3.  I really dig the mellow groove going on, it's nice and relaxed while still remaining funky.  There is some weird sound in the background that I can't decipher, but I really dig it whatever it is.  It adds just a hint odd, and I like it.  I'm not 100% sold on the string part though.  I like how melodic it is and how it contrasts the other instruments, but it almost seems like too much when Erykah starts singing.  I do like when they play pizicatto though, I feel like it works better with the overall groove.  I do dig them in the B section though, they definitely work.  But then again, the B section in general is fire.  Love that the only words in it are "oh baby, we need to smile" - such true words.  The B is the perfect pairing to the A section, I don't find anything wrong with it.  So solid.

Green Eyes:  I like how this song starts out with solo Erykah, sounding like an old blues recording - very cool.  I'm sure plenty of people can relate to this tune, and I think that's partially what makes it so good.  The jazz groove it gets into is very sweet, and a smart way to end the album.  Love the kind of call and response lines, they're very cool melodically.  So much flute on this album!  Dig.  Erykah just sounds very sweet, and you can hear sorrow in her voice.  Love how the groove switches at the end - great horn addition!  Really, really sweet tune.

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