Friday, May 27, 2011

Songs of The Day

Lean On Me:  Ok, who hasn't played this on the piano?  I know we all have, 'cause it's so easy.  I would guess that this is probably his most popular tune.  Such a sweet song, and such a sweet message.  Classic.

Kissing My Love:  Mmmm... wawa :)  I love me some funky guitar - warms my soul right up.  I like how the instruments layer in the intro, it's got a cool effect.  Dig the strings, don't know if I need em, but I dig em.  Aw, he loves kissin his woman - how nice.  Solid groove, not much to it.  Sweet whistling at the end.

I Don't Know:  I love that this has a ballad feel, but a more uptempo back beat - makes for a very cool mix.  I like that it has a slight build to it, but it was such a tease!  I was expecting a "Try A Little Tenderness" effect, and it didn't happen.  Regardless, it's still solid.  I love how all the instruments blend together (this mix on this track is really great).  Very sweet.

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