Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Songs of The Day

Brainfeeder:  This was a good way to start the album.  This track (which is also the name of his record company he signed my brother to) is mellow, low key, and short.  It's got an intro feel to it, simply on build alone, and I like that.  Cool synth sounds, and I really dig the old, raspy effect it's got laid on top of everything.  Definitely weird, but I think I can get into it...

Breathe . Something/Stellar Star:  I really dig this beat.  I don't know if it's the chords going on, or the sounds of the chords, or all the other random shit going on in the background, but I dig it.  It's got a happier feel that I dig.  Pretty sweet when the bass drops (I can't wait to crank this in my car).  Nice B section, it's got a gritter feel to it, and all that changed were the chords.  This track actually reminds me a lot of my brother, which is probably why I dig it.  Solid.

Beginners Falafel:  What I'm liking about this album so far is how each track builds of the previous.  They're all connected, and all very similar, but they've all got their own flavor to them.  This one is much more alien-like than the past two, and that's something I can get down with.  It's a little difficult describing what goes on in this one, so check it out yoself.

Camel:  This has got a grittier/darker feel than the previous tracks, and I really like it.  The combination of samples going on here is pretty sweet.  IF ONLY I KNEW WHAT THE FUCK THEY WERE!  So difficult.  Regardless, it's got a dirty basement feel to it that I dig.  It gets a little lighter towards the end, but it works well for the motion of the tune. 

Melt!:  Ok, the percussion on this is dirrrrrrty!  Really cool latin feel to it that just makes me wanna drop it.  Then this whole bollywood-type feel comes in, and it sounds so good with the percussion.  Mmm... now I wanna boogie!  This might be my favorite groove - wish it was longer!

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