Sunday, June 19, 2011

Final Grade: B-

So I have a little bit of a conflict with this album.  Musically, it gets an A/A-, and that's because the producers (namely Dilla) are infreakingcredible.  Now the lyrics.... not so much.  First off, I could barely decipher anything they were saying, but even when I read the lyrics, no lyric or phrase reeeeally stood out to me or held any kind of spot in my mind.  That said, lyrics are by far the last thing I listen to in a tune, so I can't say it was a serious issue, but still, I needed something.  Rap at its best is about poetry, and I wanted to hear some.  But, all that aside, beats were fat, and it got my head movin.  Not my favorite rap album, but it'll serve as good car/background music.

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