Saturday, June 11, 2011

Songs of The Day

Sly:  Man, do I love me some horn hits, and I sure do get a nice lil helping of them in this tune.  Super solid initial groove, it's really about the horns.  B section is pretty sweet, it puts more of a focus on Herbie, which is always nice.  But when the A returns with a new latin flare to it, the song really gets poppin.  It's got a nice pick up in pace in the drums, and an extra funky guitar part to back up a sick horn (which I'm thinking is bass clarinet) solo by Beenie Maupin - it's pretty serious.  Oh Herbie, how you do it, I just don't know.  He's got a killin solo on this track (not as cool as that on Chameleon though) - he's pretty mesmerizing to listen to.  Super sweet ending hits into the more mellow groove - suave.  Aside from it being a tad long, I dig it.

Vein Melter:  I am diggin this lil drummer boy druming going on, it adds a kind of conformity to the slight spontaneity of the other instruments - very cool.  Harvey Mason keeps it in the pocket.  I like how mellow this tune is, it's a nice segway from the intensity of the previous tune.  I can't say I'm seriously diggin the string synth sound going on though, it kind of cheapens the vibe of the whole tune.  Luckily it's not present throughout the whole piece.  Mmmmm Rhodes - you are possibly the best sounding instrument in the world.  It's seriously serious.  I wish there was a switch up in groove somewhere though, at a little over 9 minutes, it gets a little old in my opinion.  I do dig the ending chord though.  Definitely the most lackluster of the tunes in my opinion, but it's still a good song.

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