Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Songs of The Day

Comet Course:  This is my favorite song of the day.  It's got a cool latin feel to it that makes me wanna dance.  It's interesting how FlyLo is able to make these super electronic, alien beats, while incorporating standard grooves and feels - it's a cool combo and he does it well.  Something about the more legato melody reminds me of the stuff you hear in spas, but with all of the samples, it actually works well with the groove.  Cool tune.

Orbit 405/Golden Diva:  This is actually two individual tracks, but "Orbit 405" is only 45 seconds, so I thought I'd just group them together.  Especially since "Orbit 405" makes me say "Beam me up, Scotty" and "Golden Diva" makes me feel like I just boarded an alien space station.  I really like this track.  It's simple, yet has all of the cool alien elements, and the samples all work really well together.  It's also got a light, happy feel that kind of juxtaposes the groove... I don't know how to really describe it, but it makes me feel cool.  Solid.

Riot:  This song feels like a riot.  Nobody's gettin killed, but it's a riot nonetheless.  I dig the guitar (?) sample going on that has a Indian feel to it, it's got a cool tone to it.  There are a lot of textures going on on this track, it's very much not about the melody, and I find that interesting.  Melody is one of the most important parts of a track, and it's interesting how FlyLo can still survive without one.  Now, I know that's the laugh off of "Thriller" (yay! something I can identify!) and that segways into a much different feel.  Kind of threw me off actually, but once it gets into it, I dig it.  I guess the riot evolved.

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