Thursday, June 2, 2011

Songs of The Day

GNG BNG: I think the bass sound on this is pretty sweet, it's got this heavy feel to it, but it still feels light against the rest of the groove.  Another cool bollywood feel, and I dig it.  I like that this beat isn't cluttered; it's simple yet it still gets you groovin.  But wait a minute - switch up!  When I first heard this, I thought the track had changed, but nope, same tune.  It reminds me of something you'd hear in the background of some futuristic racing game (and I hear FlyLo is a fan of the video games, so I'm not in the least surprised).  Whatever, I dig racing games, and I dig the switch up.  Cool.

Parisian Goldfish: This is the fastest groove yet, but I dig it because that makes it different.  Cool percussion.  It's not my favorite melodically (kind of generic) but I still like the sound of the samples going on.  The chord changes in the B section are much cooler in my opinion, I wish they'd been that the whole song.  Still a decent tune.  Sweet name too.

Sleepy Dinosaur:  I would consider this track the most standard "electronic" so far.  There's a whole lotta shit goin on, and as per usual, I can't really decipher it.  I think it's mainly due to the fact that there are too many things to try and focus on.  I think it's a tad cluttered, I could've done without some things.  I do really dig the keys part that comes in towards the end though, very cool.  It brings a nice splash of jazz to the track (it coulda used some more).

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