Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Songs of The Day

Chameleon:  I think this might be one of the baddest bass lines, ever.  So simple, yet oh, OH so funky!  It's really the glue that holds this song together.  Guitar is extra funky throughout, I really dig the rhythm it's playing - it fits nicely with the bass.  Horns are killer.  Herbie takes an extra long, but extra, extra funky solo!  Love all of the pitch distortions, they add a lot of character to the tune.  The string section has a cool tone to it that I think adds a new color to the tune that wasn't present in the A section.  The latin feel in the end is pretty damn groovy.  Definitely didn't need to be 15 minutes long, but its funky the whole way through, so I really can't hate.

Watermelon Man:  This song kind of defines "swag" for me.  Or at least my own personal swag.  Like I would hope that when people see me walk down the street, they think of this song.  If this song were an aura, I would want it.  It's just too damn funky.  The whistles, the hollers, the guitar, the keys, the bass... it's all just too good.  In particular, the A section.  I like the B section too, don't get me wrong, those hits are swag, but those opening whistles just got me on lock!  I like all sections.  It's all fantastic.  Swagswagswag.  Listen.

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