Thursday, June 30, 2011

Songs of The Day

You've Got a Friend:  Well some ladies are very excited when Mr. Hathaway starts this song - there is quite the holler in the beginning.  Love that Donny shows off his upper range in this one.  He's got a great vibrato, it's subtle and used appropriately.  Too often you hear singers who just overuse their vibrato.  I always remember what my dad tells me - "it's an effect" - and Donny knows that.  I love that he gets the audience to sing the chorus while he just does little trills.  I've got audience participation ingrained in my brain, and I love hearing it used.  Not enough performers do that.  Great cover of an already classic tune.

Little Ghetto Boy:  I feel funny reviewing this tune seeing as it will be the second time I'll be writing about it (first being week 2 on The Roots and John Legend's Wake Up!)  This is a great tune.  I love this simple start that gets you soley focusing on Donny's voice, which in his lower register sounds so lovely and sultry.  Such a sweet piano trill in the beginning of the verse, and I love the bass line.  Such a great song, and great to hear another amazing version of it.

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